about me!

this website is just my little space to put all of my silly interests and whatever i may be obsessed with at the moment! i am an autistic 20 y/o dog-ghost-boy thing who uses they/he/xe/it prns. mainly this site is to be cute and collect images i enjoy, as well as maybe be a digital picture diary in a way? not sure how that'll work but ok.
there is a lot of scary stuff in the world, but i know that all dogs are my friends. i am trying to be more optimistic and look at the places where love hides in the cracks of everything. images make me happy, so ultimately i know i'll be ok :)

my interests include: one piece, jojo's bizarre adventure, catholic imagery, drawing, and music!
characters i heavily related to as an undiagnosed autistic kid are: san (mononoke hime), crona (soul eater), and emily (the corpse bride)!
songs that describe me are: angel landing (pretty sick), falling apart (slow pulp), biohazard (momma), look of love (hop along), mary (alex g), she (pretty sick), twist cone (horse jumper of love), and anthems for a seventeen year-old girl (broken social scene)

astrology stuff


flag hoard

Louise Glück, from Persephone The Wanderer in “Poems 1962-2012”